Travel video about location Turkey.
Turkey, ‘the land below the half moon’. We start our journey in Istanbul, golden entrance to the Orient, a city that was as soon as the centre of the Old World and still shows 2 and a half centuries of history. On the opposite side of the Galata Bridge on the banks of the Golden Horn is the Yeni Cami Mosque with a a great deal of domes and turrets constructed one on top of the other plus a variety of valuable glass windows. The Grand Basare is a city within a city. Through a big gate there is a maze of passages that were constructed over lots of centuries. The enclosed market includes more than 4 thousand stores within its relatively unlimited halls and it is possible to purchase nearly anything here. A brilliant world filled with the fragrances of the orient. Close to the west coast of Turkey located in between Troy and Ephesos is among the most popular and well maintained ancient cities of this area, Pergamon. This, in the Hellenic age, was an ancient cosmopolitan city the traces of which are still noticeable today. Marmaris is located on the Turkish Riviera and was as soon as well secured by a mediaeval fortress. In 1522 Sultan Süleyman The Splendid bigger the little castle of the previous Roman rulers as he wanted to dominate the island of Rhodes. Ankara is the capital of the Republic of Turkey and this as soon as Anatolian provincial backwater is today among the nation’s most contemporary cities and is a lively world city. The biggest mosque in Turkey is the Kocatepe Camii which is both a symbol of the devoutness of the Turkish people as well as being an important centre of communication for the entire city. Turkey is a nation of lots of faces, with fairytale-like mosques and palaces, famous ancient cities and remarkable landscapes. It is a link between Asia and Europe, between East and West and an historic bridge between both Orient and Occident.

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