We are heading west on highway 190, our preferred highway on our method to Houston texas, due to the fact that we are going on a little journey. It's travel day. We have not had the ability to state that in so long it feels excellent to get it back on the roadway once again we're going to Cancun y'all boom. We are on our preferred highway heading to the Houston airport, due to the fact that we like flying out of Houston for direct flights.

Instead of our little Alexandra airport so thrilled about this journey, I'm extremely delighted. This is going to be the very first time for us to go to Cancun. It's not a very first time going to Mexico, however very first time going to Cancun. So, anticipating that, I have not had a beach all summer season, so I'm anticipating simply beaching it unwinding we do not have a great deal prepared we're going to do a great deal of freestyling.

I believe Elisa's got us attached for one actually cool expedition that we're going to do. We are remaining at an all-encompassing resort for the very first time ever so we've done all-inclusive on day hands down cruises, however this is the very first time we are really going to fly over and remain at an all-encompassing going to 2 various resorts, the very first being the Hard Rock Cancun and after that we're going to go to Unico in riviera Maya, breathe out relaxation we're at our parking location and after that what terminal are you going to a okay? So if you're covered you're going to go to your right, we are on our shuttle bus en route to the airport and think what whoops it's pumping reason, the bumpiness it's very rough.

It's like we have the airport to ourselves. Yeah, it seems like we are. The just ones here does not it yeah. Please read your action upon leaving. Please read your action made it through security. I believe that just took what about 3 minutes to make it through security. Yeah extremely quick, not long at all dead in here it's so dead. It's so odd, which is okay, due to the fact that the lines aren't as bad right at the consuming locations.

This is so interesting. I'm thrilled someone inform me what the hell is all right, so we're here we made it. We remain at Cancun airport. We are here so initially, you go through migration and after that you go through customizeds and they resemble all right. You can go. It took like no time at all we're going out here to get our transfer and uh we're going to get shuttled on over to the hard rock hotel. So here we go.

Forgive us! We keep looking over here because we just got the new camera and the display screen is over here, so I keep looking at it, so we got to stop doing that. I know we got to get used to just looking at the. Our articles are going to be of us sitting there looking over here and you guys are going to be like hey we're over here. We are on our way to the hard rock uh we're going to get settled in, and I need to take that thing off.

Thank you. I could use a bloody mary. That's going to be my initial cocktail. I want a margarita and she's got she's going to she's going to partake and get her a margarita, because when you're in Mexico you got to have a margarita, especially when you're in the real deal Mexico over here in Cancun, all right. So this is a form that you got. Ta fill out answer a bunch of questions about code, whether you have or if you have a fever, just a bunch of extra steps involved, and extra paperwork 12th floor.

So whenever we come in see it says the room has been sealed: it's been sanitized for our protection, whoa wow, pretty cool right, pretty cool okay before we take in this amazing view. Let's look at the room. Okay, we have this really cool bed. Oh man, there's a hot tub. Look at the pillows holy smokes. You know where you're at acid rock, when oh, we have a bag. Here that says hard rock couture, very cool coffee pot.

For Jason morning coffee got some pretty cool art here, nice size, tv. Oh, we got some champagne, champagne and chocolate strawberries. They look delicious. They do go for this one. First, oh yeah, yummy Jason. What do you think about this hot tub? Oh, I think I need to get in this hot tub uh, but not when my shoes on look at the size of this thing. You guys this is a full-blown two-person new person, hot dog, like I'm, probably going to use this after a long day at the beach and then here's the rest of the bathroom.

This is super nice. This is in the bathroom. How cool is that life is good right now for eecc travelers? What cruz? What listen? Just due to the fact that they're not cruising right now, don't mean you can't have fun fly to an all-inclusive. This looks like it's going to be pretty fun. I mean instead of a cabin on a cruise ship, in a hotel room on a beach, with the pool all the amenities that a cruise ship has to offer.

The only difference is you're not moving guys. You can still go to an all-inclusive and have a great resort feel a great caribbean kind of vacation. You know absolutely it doesn't get much better than this. Does it it's pretty awesome, I think you're going to be all right. I think i'm going to be okay. I think you will be too. I think this is going to bring a pretty incredible experience. That's right! We are here in cancun.

This is a much needed vacation for me and elisa. I know that so it's time to celebrate, shall we glass for elisa and a glass for me. Ladies first cheers: everybody cheers okay, so when you all right so when you come in they have you scan a qr code which loads all of this information, and this is everything about the resort um. All the precautionary information is both in english and spanish. There's a map of the resort times for everything, um all the cool information on here.

So we are about to try oh a list of activities, but we're about to figure out what we want for dinner, because it's simply about it's after five o'clock and we're hungry. You enjoying that champagne, honey, huh, yeah pinkies up, cheers i'm not going to cheers my brand-new video camera. Ah, this is going to be a good time. We needed this yeah very much looking forward to this. Just really don't have any set plans we're just going to freestyle it.

We have one excursion booked which looks fun. I'r going to check out some my ruins and a really beautiful sinkhole for the rest of the time we're just going to soak it up. Savor it sights the sounds, the smells the tastes, that's what vacation is all about right, that's right, so vamanos and speaking of the new camera here is the new camera. This is the canon m50 with the rode microphone and the dead cat, and it is actually called dead cat.

It's a good little girl. Yes, it is a good little girl. I've had it all the time feels so good. This is basically like it's wind muff. We have been needing a camera with an external microphone jack. Our canon g7x mark ii that we had all these years have served us very well. We went through two of them yeah. I believe we still have one we're still going to do some vlogging with it. Probably take it out at night because it does just really good at low light levels, yeah probably better than this one, but the microphone just wasn't good.

We wanted to bring a better crisper sound to our articles and we did some research, and this was one of our better and most affordable options. But it's got high reviews. A lot of people like to use this camera, and – and we looked at some of the footage that some other people were shooting with it and it we loved it. So this is the route we chose, we're going to need to get a bigger little handle, though, because it's a little bit heavier than the g7x it likes to tilt forward and backwards.

So we're going to adjust that when we get back home excited to have this, hopefully these vlogs turn out really good and you guys can hear the difference in our vocals. If you guys can hear the difference, let us understand down below in the comment section if it sounds better or not, or if you don't even really hear a difference, because we would love your feedback absolutely. We are somewhat settled into our room.

We simply keep coming out on this balcony and looking out here, it's simply unbelievably better than we expected it to be it's better than what I expected too, but yeah we're about to go run around now that we're settled. I mean you know it's settled as our excitement will. Let us be settled, but we're kind of frantic with excitement, so we're going to rummage around and explore and see what we can find yeah and it's not crowded.

So that's another really really good thing. Yeah. We were just noticing, it's absolutely, not crowded, it's almost not dead, but it's a good amount of people. You feel you feel not overwhelmed with the amount of people you feel safe, it's just not crowded at all, but there's enough people here where you still feel the buzz yep still plenty going on yeah anyway, let's go. Let's go you

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