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Show Notes: About Kerwin Mckenzie

Fellow travel enthusiast, travel blog writer, ex-airline employee, and airplane lover. He’s taken a trip to 125 nations and flown on 180 airline companies!!

Kerwin understands all there is to learn about flights and existing travel limitations. As I discussed, I can’t even stay up to date with what’s in my cooking area cabinet to understand what to prepare for supper each night.

Kerwin understands an extraordinary quantity about the airline company market – more than anybody I have actually ever satisfied. He has actually years of experience AND has developed a remarkable life around his enthusiasm for airplanes.

So we cause the specialists to assist you.

Mostly, Kerwin is among the hottest, friendliest, most cheerful individuals I’ve had the satisfaction of conference. I enjoy overtaking him a number of times a year at conferences.

We go over:

  • What led Kerwin to be an enthusiastic airline company geek and travel enthusiast
  • His various professions in the market and his degree
  • Kerwin’s uncommon task as competitive intelligence at conferences
  • How Kerwin discovers a lot – really effective pointer and method
  • All about Passrider and how it assists those in the market get standby flights and how Kerwin turned this into a service.
  • Things to think about now when flying and how to finest prepare.
  • How flight prices are being affected
  • Different regulations and restrictions in terms of cancellations and refunds and a handy tip to get a refund even when the airline doesn’t let you know you can get one!
  • Will you lose your mileage points during these current times? Kerwin weighs in with a few tips.
  • The value of chartering private flights right now.
  • What about current travel restrictions? Kerwin shares a few loopholes and discrepancies there.
  • What to think about if you do want to go to another country right now.
  • A few possible changes that could occur in the airline company market
  • Kerwin’s brand-new endeavor: The Black Travel Alliance and its objective and function and how you can assist (Future interview episode devoted to this!)
  • How we can be more mindful and ask much better concerns
  • Why it’s crucial to get uneasy

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